Cosmetic tricks which you should know

Hello Girls,

You aren’t even aware of the fact how many ways there are to ease you hair and body care. Just give a go to a few of them and you’ll find out that taking care of your beauty isn’t that difficult at all. Do you want to learn a few cosmetic tricks? Read my newest entry.

Be careful with the fragrances

Have you used too much perfumes? That’s bad. People who are near you can feel dizziness and nausea because of that. In general, intensive aroma of perfumes doesn’t serve the human nose well. Basically, you shouldn’t apply more than one, maximally two sprays to smell good. What is the reason why you should be careful with fragrances? These products contain alcohol which can cause severe irritations when exposed to the sun. Moreover, it can dehydrate hair and discolour fabrics.

Fast hair blow-drying

Do you wrap your hair with a towel right after getting out of the bath? Think about a microfiber ‘turban’ since it will serve you better than a regular towel. This fabric will absorb water swiftly leaving your strands slightly damp. Thanks to this, blow-drying and hair styling will take you just a moment. All you have to remember though is to wash the ‘turban’ regularly and dry it out precisely. Wet fabric poses a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and these, in turn, might negatively influence of the state of your hair and the scalp.

Dry body brushing

It delivers outstanding effects. Dry body wash is recommended mainly to those who struggle with cellulite, stretch marks and low elasticity factor of skin. To carry out the procedure, you’ll need a high quality brush of soft and thick bristle as well as a cosmetic of either moisturising or skin firming action. It’s also very important to start the procedure from the feet or hands to gradually move upwards heading the heart. In this way, you will improve blood circulation, smooth the skin and get rid of all imperfections.

Diet and food supplements

Probably, there is nothing as essential in skin care as eating healthily and supplying the organism with what it needs. Therefore, you shouldn’t refrain from eating vegetables and fruit, drink still mineral water and take vitamins, even if in pills. Try to eliminate fast food, processed food, fizzy drinks as well as snacks, no matter if salty or sweet.

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