Best-selling Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum: Review & Effects

nanoil aloe vera and white tea face serum

In today’s blog post – a full report on the effects of the aloe face serum launched by Nanoil. This skin-care enhancer is a hit and I guess it’s known to all celebs and influencers (who surely tested it). The raves are coming from all sides. On my blog, you can read an honest and thorough beauty report on the ingredients, usage and results that the Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum offers. Enjoy the read!

Aloe and white tea. What makes them the best skin-care cosmetic ingredients?

Aloe grew in popularity mostly thanks to the Holika Holika gel for face, body and hair. The 100% aloe vera extract is a really cool product and I like to use it in summer instead of thick body lotions but it doesn’t make a perfect face-care product. I started looking for an ideal aloe-based face enhancer and I found it in the Nanoil line. Apart from the aloe extract, the Nanoil Serum contains white tea extract and other ingredients that transport the precious active substances to the deep layers of the skin. The components are perfectly selected so the serum really works and gives maximum effectiveness. Take a look at the profile of the major ingredients below.

White tea extract – a strong, brilliant antioxidant which inhibits aging and fights free radicals. It keeps your skin plump and youthful. White tea prevents skin sagging, brightens and revitalizes the epidermis, smoothens the fine lines and – thanks to antioxidant properties – shields against the blue-light skin damage.

Aloe vera extract – a famous, healthful ingredient holding over 200 active compounds. It has been thoroughly tested by cosmetologists who still believe it to be one of the healthiest substances. Aloe heals, soothes and moisturizes the skin, repairs the epidermis, prevents irritations and TEWL (transepidermal water loss), boosts vitality, perfectly calms the skin and aids healing because it moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes. Aloe is a damage-resistant plant and makes the skin so, protecting it from the unfavorable conditions.

Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum. What makes it so special?

Everything is perfect about this serum, including the formula. The proportions of ingredients have been chosen so as to give the skin the most intensive conditioning effect, leaving it rested and relaxed at the same time. The serum tenderly protects the skin from the pollution in big cities and the harmful effect of external factors. It remarkably fulfils this purpose and that’s why it quickly became a best-seller.

The Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum brings relief to sensitive, irritation-prone, very dry skin which spends lots of time in front of the screens of computers, TV or phones which emit the so-called blue light sparking the occurrence of face wrinkles and furrows.

Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum: reviews & effects

This serum makes my skin simply beautiful. Most of all, my face looks radiant, rested, moisturized and smooth. After the first use I could feel the serum worked – no more dry patches. The skin stays hydrated all day long and the serum protects it from the air-conditioning. The face even feels nice to the touch – as smooth as silk. Plus, this serum is a great make-up primer; my foundation stays on for longer and make-up looks flawless till the night. I tend to have the oily T-zone but it’s been surely less greasy since I started using the Nanoil Serum – aloe perfectly balances the secretion of sebum.

Where can you buy the Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum?

The Nanoil Serum is already a best-seller so I guess it’s available in lots of online beauty stores but I like to buy my serum at the official shop. Pop into to see the effect of the game-changing face serum that influencers swear by.

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