Beauty types vs. shades of cosmetics. How to match them?

Hello Girls,

If you don’t know how to match shades of cosmetic with your complexion yet – no worries! In my today’s post, you are going to find a few useful tricks how to do this the right way. Also, you will learn how to tell various beauty types apart. Ready? Steady? Go!

Colour analysis – What’s that?

Colour analysis depends on matching various shades to a particular person so as to help her/him look good and fashionable. The elements taken into consideration are: hair colour and shade of complexion. Basically, during colour analysis there are also shades of cosmetics and clothing that are taken into account. As it turns out, by wearing a t-shirt of an appropriate colour, we can camouflage skin imperfection as well as bring the inner beauty of ours out.

What beauty type are you?

Colour analysis was developed by Johannes Itten, a painting teacher living at the turn of 19th and 20th century. He divided the beauty types into four main groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Nowadays, we distinguish up to 12 types. However, make-up artists and fashion stylists still prefer the very first division.

SPRING TYPE has very pale, peach-like complexion which gets suntanned easily, often turning almost gold-ish. When it comes to hair, it’s frequently of warm colour. The iris of the eyes are fair blue or green. The best colours for Spring Type are fair and warm ones like gold, beige, juicy green, tomato red and violet similar to lilac blossoms.

SUMMER TYPE has fair complexion, frequently featuring broken capillaries. Eyes are blue, grey-and-blue or green. Hair is rather ashy or blonde. Colours that suit this kind of beauty type should be fair and of cool shade. Choose from: ashy pink, whites, greys, khaki or grey-and-blue.

AUTUMN TYPE it has warm, peach shade. Hair is mainly auburn or ginger with blonde reflexes. Eyes are green, brown, hazel or blue. Women of this type look good in warm and toned colours such as salmon pink, warm orange, bottle green.

WINTER TYPE has pale, milky or dusky-shaded complexion, hair is pitch-black. Both colours and cosmetics should be of cool shades. Colours that match Winter Type are: fuchsia, blood red, purple, black, cornflower blue and emerald.

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