A Few Habits Every Attractive Woman Should Know

Hi, girls!

Beauty rituals are very important to women. After all, is there a woman who doesn’t like to look and feel beautiful? If you desire stunning skin and hair, too – you should learn a few habits that many women have. And they have no regrets.

First of all, keep a hand lotion on your nightstand

What for? Every attractive woman applies a cream to hands and skin around nails before sleep. Hand skin ages most quickly and gives our age away. Moreover, if you keep the skin hydrated, it will be easier to push the cuticles. If you want, use a professional cuticle softener in the evening. What ingredients should a hand cream or cuticle gel contain? A high-quality product is rich in urea, vegetable oils, vitamins and brightening substances.

Secondly, the evening cleansing

You must clean your skin even if you’re wrecked. What happens if you don’t follow this rule? Acne breakouts, irritation and blackheads guaranteed! That is why remove makeup, do a scrub and use a toner before sleep. In this way you free the skin from the pore-clogging foundation, get rid of dead cells and restore pH. Applying moisturisers is easier when the skin is clean.

Thirdly, use an eyelash curler

If you curl lashes up, eyes look bigger. Apart from mascaras, use a curler. Choose a mechanical one or heated curler. How to use the gadget? If you use the traditional one, gently press the lashes and apply a mascara. Be careful with the heated curlers not to burn the lids or irritate the eyes.

Fourthly, remember about sunscreen

You should use SPF creams both in summer and winter to protect the skin from wrinkles, pigmentation spots, burns and cancer. Match the level of the SPF to the insolation. SPF 50 works best for the summer, SPF 20 will do in winter. Mineral filters block the harmful UVA rays and are the most beneficial to the skin.

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