A big test of bath salts. Because why wouldn’t you upgrade the bathing experience?

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Do you feel like taking a bath? Naturally, I’m not talking about a regular bath but enriched with salts. Before you ask me why you would need such a thing in the first place, let me quickly tell you that bath salts have an enormously positive effect on the skin. Indeed, they can help you deal with various skin concerns such as cellulite, dehydration and sagging. Besides, bath salts smell wonderful which means that they can help you unwind after a long and tiring day.

If you aren’t sure which bath salt you should pick, keep reading my today’s post. Below I’m going to list you the top-rated bath salts reviews that have the best constituents and offer the most spectacular effects, at least in my opinion. Here there are!

Bath salt with L-carnitine and guarana

The very first ingredient that I have to mention is the salt whose key task is to facilitate you removing toxins from the body. Trust me, you should expose your skin to such detoxifying treatment at least once a week.

This salt is a source of miro elements that are proven to be essential for the body to function properly. Did you know that bath salt contains well-absorbed elements like: magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium and potassium? The salt that I use is also enriched with a wonderful grapefruit aroma, which is owed to the cellulite-reducing essential oil. Another positive thing about this salt is that it contains iodine as well as various micro and macro elements. This is why it makes skin nourished, fresh and soothed.

Let me finish this product description by giving you a brief insight into what L-carnitine and guarana are. The former makes a common constituent of many bath salts mainly because it helps preserve youthful appearance of skin. This very constituent frees the body from toxins. Guarana in turn is an antioxidative and antibacterial agent, which makes it an irreplaceable substance for making skin smooth and healthy.

The Dead Sea bath salt

The Dead Sea is… full of minerals! Owing to the Jordan River that flows to the Dead Sea, this water reservoir is constantly supplied with salts. What is so exceptional about salt water? There is plenty of salt water all around the globe! Well, yes but it was proven that salt originating from the Dead Sea is one-of-a-kind. The set of minerals it offers is different than the rest of sea and ocean water, where 97% of salt is sodium chloride NaCl, commonly known as domestic or cooking salt. In the Dead Sea salt, however, sodium chloride occupies no more than 8% of the entire composition, which is beneficial not only for our health but also skin.

Analyzing the composition further, I can tell you that the Dead Sea salt contains 53% magnesium chloride and 37% potassium chloride, both being marvelously useful in conditioning the skin. Obviously, that’s not all because the Dead Sea salt also contains: sodium, chrome, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, brom, iodine, sulfur and carbonates. So much good stuff the salt offers that it would be silly not to take a bath with it.

Okay, but what does this mineral abundance mean for you? Firstly, it means that Dead Sea salt can help you deal with psoriasis, fungal infections along with various skin lesions. Secondly, added to water, this salt is able to effectively combat acne and other breakouts that you want to disappear from your face. I’d suggest using this salt if the acne that is currently bothering you is a severe one. You know what? The Dead Sea salt is also used to help deal with depression and neurosis.

It was proven that adding salt to bathing strengthens the natural skin’s defense mechanisms and is one of the best all-natural moisturizers. Let me just add that I personally experienced this on myself that my skin felt replenished with water, is more supple and pleasant to the touch. I love the Dead Sea salt!

Anti-cellulite salt bath with caffeine

Cellulite, also known as orange peel, is known to every other woman. Our lymphatic system keeps surprising us in an unpleasant way and creates deposits of waste products of metabolism in the fat cells. Although, it’s pretty hard to get rid of this persistent cellulite, it can be done thanks to salts. When enriched with extracts, bath salt is able to penetrate skin deeply to ease making the fat tissue more loose which later facilitates removing toxins from the organism.

All ant-cellulite salts are enriched with caffeine known for having a firming and slimming effect on skin. Salt protects the skin from the negative impact of free radicals and, additionally, it boosts blood flow. This is how it’s able to help you get rid of lymph deposits, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of cellulite. The anti-cellulite bath salt that I use contains cynamon that is responsible for dealing with sagging, which again makes my skin less prone to cellulite.

Do you like any of the bath salts I’ve just described? Perhaps you know some other salt baths that are worth recommending? Let me know in the comments!

Hugs and kisses for you all!

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