4 Surprising Causes of Acne. Do You Know Them?

I have been struggling with acne for years. On the blog, I wrote about most methods I had tested (on my own skin!). I managed to minimise acne so it does not bother me as much in my daily life. I do not need a hardcore full coverage foundation but acne is not gone. It is ‘tamed’.

Recently, I stumbled upon a brilliant scientific paper about the causes of acne I would have never thought of. It is said that the main causes of acne include the wrong function of sebaceous glands, hormone imbalance (especially in case of juvenile acne), stress, poor diet and even genes. Fine. But are these the only causes of acne?

We are often unaware that we worsen our problem with acne ourselves. Here are the most common causes of skin blemishes.

How often do you wash your pillowcase?

You have a feeling you have done everything to fight acne yet it still comes back? It turns out you can blame your bed sheets. If you rarely replace your pillowcase, it might be one of the main reasons for your skin imperfections. Bacteria settle and are close to your skin. One step from acne.

Do you have a minimalist approach to cosmetics?

Dermatologists advise against using too many skin products or applying the ones that do not match our skin type. One of the most common causes of acne is using and testing too many products at a time. Yes, you should replace cosmetic but do it reasonably – from time to time.

How many coffees do you have a day?

I do not mean that drinking coffee every day is something bad but caffeine has a really harmful influence on the complexion. If you provide your body with too much caffeine, it will make your skin dry and trigger acne breakouts. Just think of the number of coffee cups you have per day. If you manage, replace every other coffee with water or green tea that have a far better impact on your skin.

Do you often speak on the phone?

This was the most surprising thing. A phone call can lead to acne breakouts. It is not about some waves or other rubbish you can read online. Again – it is because of bacteria that proliferate on smartphones at an alarming rate. We forget to cleanse our phones, take them everywhere, give to other people… And then the phone touches our skin…

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