Winter hair care: 4 useful tricks


I bet many of you would agree with me that winter is a tough time for hair. Our strands are exposed to various weather conditions, mixed with not necessarily proper hair care, and mechanical damages strictly connected with winter clothing. Therefore, if your hair hasn’t been looking too good lately, and if you notice its condition getting weaker due to this cold aura, then learn four simple tricks that can make your daily hair care easy and effective.

Hat – Yay or nay?

Opinions are divided on this issue. Some people claim that a hat protects against cold, and this protection isn’t only delivered to hair but also to scalp and ears. Others point out that headwear encourages static and makes hair frizzy. However, it appears that it all depends on the material the headwear is made of. The best are woollen, warm and thick fabrics. Wearing hats made of synthetic materials can cause sebaceous gland disorder, accelerated sweat secretion, damages of hair shaft and hair loss.

Humectants aren’t always good in winter

Undoubtedly, humectants are found crucial in hair care. However, in the case of winter weather, the hydrating substances (humectants) may cause considerable damage. For that reason, it better to refrain from using such cosmetics when the temperature outside is low. To clarify, try not to apply water mists and aloe preparations, cosmetics with hyaluronic acid or honey. Instead, it’s better to use cosmetics containing emollients.

Emollients for hair

Winter hair care should comprise of cosmetics featuring emollients: oils, butters, silicones. The very substances create an occlusive film on hair and protect against cold, wind, mechanical damages and warmth generated by radiators. Emollients keep hydrating substances inside hair and fight back external aggressors. Surely, oils and hair masks will supply your hair with the very substances.

Loose or tied up?

In winter it’s better to wear hair tied up so as not to damage hair ends. Make sure that your strands don’t rub against scarf or sweater because in his way you do great damage to them. Therefore, before leaving home, always tie your hair in a ponytail, bun or braid. Also, secure hair ends with either oil or serum. Moreover, don’t forget to take care of hair the right way after returning home. Give your hair special attention in the evening, after showering, by treating it with a hair mask or serum.

How does your winter hair care routine look like?

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