Translucent powder – use, types, application


For a long time now, translucent powder was my number one when it comes to fixing and finishing the makeup. This product fulfills all its tasks and to this day I have not found its worthy successor. How does it work, what are the properties and how to use translucent powder?

Translucent powder – what it is?

Translucent powder is one of cosmetics designed to fix makeup. Many girls love it for the perfect mattifying properties and extending the durability of other cosmetics. Translucent powder contains colourless particles, that is why it blends with skin tone, does not change the foundation shade and other cosmetics. It is practically invisible. The only thing you may spot is the mattifying effect. The powder is also suitable for makeup touch ups during the day.

Translucent powder – types

Cosmetic industry offers following translucent powder types:

  • pressed – It will not spill all over your purse and it will not fall down during application. Pressed powder is applied using a sponge or brush. It is perfect for the on the go touch ups;
  • loose – Best for the morning makeup. It is applied with a puff or a sponge. Due to its characteristic form, it may dust when applied;
  • bamboo – It contains large amounts of silica, so it absorbs excess sebum and perfectly mattifies skin. It has a form of light white dust yet when administered onto the skin leaves no white layer. The silica has also soothing, antibacterial and refreshing properties;
  • rice – It has a loose form. It has no parabens or talc, for this it is recommended for people with sensitive and allergy prone skin.

How to use translucent powder?

Translucent powder is applied on the face using a bruch, a sponge or a puff. Prior to the application, remove excess product in order not to spill it all over or leave smudges on the face. Gently press powder against face so it will stay longer in its place. Administer cosmetic to the area with excess sebum secretion problem (forehead, nose, chin).

Translucent powder – pros and cons

Translucent powder advantages:

  • the T-zone mattifying,
  • makes makeup last longer,
  • smoother and glow,
  • protection against harmful external factors,
  • lack of artificial ingredients,
  • no colour change to the makeup,
  • easy application,
  • light formula, no clogging,
  • all year use.

The disadvantages of the translucent powder are: falling down of the product if applied incorrectly and lack of coverage (e.g. spots, spidery veins).

Which translucent powder to choose?

Choose translucent powder accordingly to your own preferences. Whether it mattifies or covers depends on the composition. Some of the, contain a lot of mineral ingredients which nourish skin. The type of the cosmetic should match the occasion and circumstances. The only thing you have not to pay attention to is the skin type. Translucent powder works for all skin types.

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