Summer make-up. My proven tricks for long-lasting summer look

Hi, Girls!

Today’s post is dedicated to spring-summer make-up trends. Meet novelties from the beauty and cosmetics world and you’ll find out my proven ways for long-lasting summer make-up. Enjoy!

Trendy summer make-up

Make-up no make-up rules since last summer. This summer will be also as popular. If you think that performing such make-up is easy, you are mistaken. If you get to make-up no make-up, you have to know that the final result should be as natural as possible and… invisible. Cosmetics should be applied so that they blend perfectly with the skin complexion and create a second skin. Extremely important is also the choice of the right products that will match skin type and its needs.

What is going to be trendy in the spring-summer season? Focus on the colour. Cosmetics in expressive and vivid colours can be applied on lips, eyelids and cheeks. This summer is all about celadon, red, violet and orange. Trendy will be red eye shadows spread on the cheeks. It is make-up that will go along with both blue-eyed and brown-eyed girls. In this season, eyes make-up matters most. Thick lines will complement subtle lip make-up. The black eyeliner goes well with soft pink or peach lip gloss.

What cosmetics should you use?

The answer is simple. In the summer the best and safest is to use waterproof cosmetics. You can wear those even when you are by the sea or when hiking — water, rain and sweat won’t do any harm. What is more, choose cosmetics with a light consistency and containing UV filters. It will provide your skin with beautiful appearance and protection against solar radiation. In the summer, your make-up should be colourful — lips and eyelids treat with extravagant shades.

How to make your make-up long-lasting?

You will need following cosmetics: mist, foundation base, eye shadows, mascara and blotting sheets. Use those with a light formula to avoid thick layer on your face. Remember that in the hot summer days you have to use all cosmetics with moderation — summer make-up should be minimal.

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