My TOP 5 habits for health and beauty – it’s easier than you think!


I am sure you all know it well, every year, we promise ourselves and even make lists of resolutions concerning better diet, improved skin, and hair care, regular exercises, healthier lifestyle…but later, as the time goes by, we tend to forget about all of it. How is it that we cannot pursue the decisions we make? After a few failures, finally I can explain it: most often we take on too much at once. And a single day is not long enough for us to deal with everything. Besides, who has the time to run around the stores and look for different substances that appear on the list of ingredients in ultra-healthy hyper-effective recipes? Well, I don’t. Recently, I changed my approach. The main criterion that determines whether something hits my goal list is SIMPLICITY. I decided that the simplest ideas, recipes, and methods for health and beauty are the best. And what were the results? It turned out that IT WORKED. Here are some simple tips that have been effective and have not turned either my day or life upside down.

1. Thorough makeup removal 

When I say a thorough makeup removal I mean a real, honest and precise face cleansing. According to the rules of Korean face care methods, my makeup removal does not last less than a minute. I always try to cleanse the skin the best I can. What does it look like? I simply devote a little more time to my skin and, apart from washing it with micellar water, I additionally reach for a special make-up removal oil, cosmetic cream or washing gel – depending on the season of the year. Next, I wash my face with a toner or selected hydrolat (believe me, I still find a bit of impurity that previous products have not coped with left on the cotton swab). Then, I just pat the serum and face cream.

For the skin to receive the maximum care twice a week, I use an exfoliating scrub, after which I apply a nourishing or regenerating mask. I have been observing this for a long time and I must say with a pleasant surprise that my face really looks … better: the skin has become smoother, more elastic, the pores are narrowed, excess sebum has disappeared. Wonderful!

2. Face massage (Jade Roller)

There was a time when I considered a face massage to be something irrelevant, useless, ineffective, in other words, a complete waste of time. That was until I discovered this gadget. Jade roller is not an innovation because it has a  has a centuries-old tradition in China and is an indispensable element of skin care. Jadeite is an amazing stone: it has the right weight, and therefore actually massages the face by pushing lightly on the skin and stimulating it to work and improving circulation. Also, the long-lasting coldness is of great importance because it does not absorb the heat of our skin, that is why it seals blood vessels and improves skin tone. I keep the jade roller in my fridge before each use. The whole “treatment” takes no more than 5 minutes – I use it for my evening skin care ritual, after applying oils to my face. The roller does not only improve the face oval (of course not immediately, you have to be patient and give it a little time to see the results … it’s just like with exercises). In addition, the massage makes the skin gaining firmness and elasticity, while the ingredients from creams and face masks are absorbed faster and reach deeper skin structures.

3. SPF filter 

Do you know why Korean women have such beautiful, flawless skin? One of the fundamental principles of their care is … the use of creams with a high SPF filter. The sun – like no other factor – can destroy our skin. Photoaging and inadequate protection can ruin your face. Wrinkles, loss of skin density and elasticity, discoloration, drying … sounds serious? That’s why Koreans reach for creams with a very high filter several times a day. This technique results in a smooth, youthful skin, beautifully illuminated and properly moisturized, without discoloration and or premature wrinkles.

4. Water, water and once again water

I must confess – I know very well that water is the source of life, youth and healthy complexion, and the whole body in general, and yet … it has always been a problematic issue for me. I have not developed the habit of drinking water. I just keep forgetting about it and that’s it. To prevent this – I always try to have a bottle of water close to me (at hand). Whenever I look at it – I reach for it quickly and drink a few sips. This way, during the day, I intake more than 2 liters of liquids. What has changed? I feel better, I have stopped suffering from frequent headaches, I have more energy and I feel better overall. Without drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water a day you cannot even dream of having a nice, healthy skin – no cream will give you what … ordinary water will. Believe me, I checked it myself 🙂

5. Brushing the body dry

The last, equally sensational and very simple way to make the skin firmer, get rid of cellulite and improve the flexibility of the whole body, as well as general improvement of well-being is brushing the body. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes during the day. This is shorter than the shortest episode of any series: D The body is to be brushed with a brush (obviously) made of natural bristles. The skin should be dry and the movements should be quite energetic. Brushing the body improves blood circulation, increases the removal of toxins from the body and also makes the valuable ingredients from balms or oils absorb faster into the skin and act more effectively. That is why after such a message I always use firming body lotions. It is important to brush the body in a certain way, that is, from the lowest parts of the body upwards – towards the heart.

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