My Skincare. How to Take Care of Vascular Complexion?

Vascular complexion is a big problem that many women (including me) struggle with. The worst thing about this skin type is an everyday care. That’s why today I focus on basic rules for the right vascular skincare. Anyone interested?


When can you say you have vascular skin? I took me long to realize that this is my problem. Vascular skin is characterised by blood vessels that easily constrict and lose the ability to dilate. Consequently, the so-called spider veins or unwanted redness appear. Obviously, other body parts – e.g. legs and hands – can also be affected by the problem. What matters? Vascular complexion is usually hereditary and most common in women.

Dietary prophylaxis is the remedy for the vascular skin. Nothing can be done when it comes to our genes yet we can easily support the skin and soothe the symptoms. Vitamin C is the most important. It should be an ingredient of our meals and cosmetics. Those who have vascular skin should avoid the things that widen blood vessels – coffee, spicy and hot food. If not, face redness is guaranteed.


If you have vascular skin, you must:

  • Cleanse it with mild products: oils, emulsions, milks.
  • Regularly tap creams – rich in vitamin C and flavonoids – in the skin.

Toning and cleansing are the key steps in vascular skincare. We must remember that this skin type is extremely delicate. We have to avoid strong purifying gels which foam or have flecks. An ideal cleansing product for vascular skin? An oil, a mild mousse, an alcohol-free toner or herbal infusion e.g. Melissa. Facial brushes – most of all increase blood flow – are unsuitable for vascular complexion. If you really feel like getting a gadget, go for delicate sonic or silicone brushes. My piece of advice: instead of rubbing cosmetics with a cotton pad, try to use products with an atomiser.

The best vascular skin cream contains vitamin C, flavonoids, algae and arnica or chestnut extract. Remember that you should never expect a cream to remove a broken or visible vessel. The main task of such a cosmetic is delivering repair, moisture, elasticity and preventing the occurrence of discolorations, spider veins and redness. A good cream for vascular skin seals blood vessels and keeps problems of this skin type away. Must-know: gently tap creams with fingertips as vascular skin dislike harsh rubbing.

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