Mature Skin Care & Make-Up Removal. How to Do It the Right Way?

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Apparently, skin starts aging when you turn 30. First wrinkles appear, your face is exposed to discoloration, the level of collagen drops, the deepest skin layers lose water… Even though we cannot reverse or stop these changes, we can ease off their results. Check how to care for mature skin.

Around-Eye Skin Care

The skin around your eyes is most exposed to damage. It is thinner, less hydrated and limp. Wrinkles and pigmentation spots occur; the energetic facial expression makes them deeper. Go for moisturising, oxygenating and cooling creams to keep the around-eye skin young and smooth. Choose retinol, vitamin K and C, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and protein-enriched products. Do an ice-cube massage and use pad mask once a month. Instead of cosmetics with regular applicators, use the ones equipped with the cooling massaging ball. Remember about the right application – spread cosmetics above the brow ridge and onto cheekbones, not directly under the lower eyelid.

SPF Creams

One of the best products that will upgrade your mature skin care. Their purpose is protecting from all types of radiation and preventing the occurrence of wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Cosmetics with sunscreen should be used by people who have vascular, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. You must know you don’t only apply such products to the facial skin. Even your skin on the neck, chest and… ear lobes requires protection.

Mature Skin Make-Up Removal

Make-up removers must go with the needs of mature skin. Drugstores sell products containing ingredients that stimulate synthesis of collagen and lifting substances. Try out micellar water that effectively washes off sebum, make-up and impurities. Moreover, they hydrate and firm up your skin as well as alleviate irritations. Oils and creamy milks work great for taking make-up off and – additionally – smooth the skin. Use a toner as the last step of make-up removal to restore natural pH and rebuild the protective lipid barrier on your face. 

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