How to correctly do the make-up?

Hey! Is make-up like your second skin to you? Do you want to do it flawlessly and skillfully? Today, I will tell you all about how to apply your make-up correctly to look flawless and what is the best order for the application of your cosmetics to achieve the best result. So, prepare your skin for the make-up and enjoy my article below!

How to correctly do your make-up? Step by step guide

1. Apply the concealer

It is the first step in good make-up – concealing all the blemishes. The concealer should be a tone lighter than the foundation. Apply it to the spots that require camouflaging. Acne, discoloration, and broken veins are better to be covered with green concealer, which masks the red blemishes on the face.

2. Good make-up equals good foundation

You do not need any special brushes or sponges – the best tool to apply foundation is your hands! So use your fingertips to apply your foundation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the foundation needs to match skin needs. Dry skin needs a moisturizing foundation, skin with imperfections needs a high-coverage foundation, oily and shiny skin needs a foundation that can both mattify and moisturize. It is important for the foundation to be chosen according to your skin complexion. Tap in the cosmetic all over your face gently reaching the jawline.

3. Good make-up equals beautiful eye make-up

The key element of eye make-up is the eyeshadow base. My trick is to use creamy, matte eyeshadow – Maybelline Color Tattoo in nude color. It is perfect to use as an individual cosmetic but also as a base for other products. I spread it using my fingertips on the entire eyelid up to the eyebrows to visually make the eyes bigger. Then choose the eyeshadow you want to use and apply it with a brush on the upper eyelid.

4. Good make-up equals thick and long eyelashes

It is time for the eyelashes! The key to this step is choosing the right mascara which can thicken, curl, and make eyelashes longer. My fave for months now is Lashcode – it coats all eyelashes beautifully, separates them while providing deep black color. It is perfect to intensify the make-up – starting with gentle to strong evening make-up.

5. Time for the eyebrows

Obviously, before you start this step you need to pluck your eyebrows, so if you haven’t done that, catch up. It is something that you may want to consider to turn for help to a beautician. Especially if your eyebrows are highly neglected. The beautician will pluck and trim the eyebrows to define their shape. Once your eyebrows will be prepared you can beautify them with a special eyebrow shadow, pomade, or mascara – the last one is a swift way to achieving beautiful eyebrows. You can do it in a matter of seconds!

6. Good make-up – blusher

I’m a fan of blusher because when applied correctly it makes your face gain a fresh and rested look. A bit of blusher will make your make-up more lively. However, bear in mind that the color of lipstick and blusher should have the same tone (warm or cold). Apply your blusher using a brush or with your fingertips if it is in form of cream or gel.

7. the Last step in perfect make-up is lips

On a daily basis choose subtly colors such as nudes or simply use lip gloss. Before you go for the lipstick, gently tap some powder onto the lips to make your lipstick wear longer. To make lips visibly larger, use colorless lip gloss or special lip plumper.

All ready! Let me know how you did and how much time it took for you to apply your make-up.

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