Don’t harm your skin any longer. About the most frequently beauty mistakes made

Hello Girls,

You apply the best and the most expensive cosmetics, but your skin is still far from perfect? If you wonder what you do wrong, I bet you’ll find the answer in my today’s entry. Learn, which mistakes you made while treating your skin and what you can do to make your skin finally look the way you want it to look.

Too much of a product and… too much of the products

The most horrible beauty care mistake is applying too thick layers of the cosmetics. Believe me, you don’t look good with a super heavy layer of a foundation. Even a moisturising cream applied in galore can contribute to clogged skin pores and encourage skin imperfections. Moreover, you also do harm to you skin when you keep applying a massive amount of cosmetics which you don’t really need. Just think, do you truly need to use a day cream, a night cream, an under eye cream or balms, each of them destined to particular body parts? In my opinion, it’s wiser to find a few universal products to enjoy good-looking skin.

Daily exfoliation

If you apply scrubs on the daily basis then you aren’t even aware how much damage you cause to your skin. Intensive epidermis exfoliation can lead to irritations and destroying your natural protective lipid barrier. As a consequence, your skin will become hypersensitive and susceptible to harmful factors (radiation, free radicals, urban pollution). Do you want your face to be pretty and healthy? Stick to using scrubs no more than twice a week.

Lack of moisturisation

If you don’t use moisture delivering creams and if you don’t drink water, you can expect wrinkles and discolorations to appear on your face soon. Also, the skin will get flabby pretty fast. As you can see, it’s crucial to replenish skin with water dealing with the problem form the outside and inside. Therefore, you should apply moisturising creams and drink still mineral water. You can also hydrate yourself by drinking juice. What might surprise you, tea and coffee contribute to dehydrating your body.

Don’t sleep with your make-up on

Colour cosmetics which you don’t remove before going to sleep can clog skin pores and cause irritation. If you remove the products, you will help your skin breathe and this will facilitate the dermis getting pretty and healthy. The positive side effect is that your sleeping area will stay clean longer due to you resting with clean face.

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