Boar bristle brush for hair: Properties, cleaning, pluses & minuses


Has it ever crossed your mind that you can improve the state of your hair while combing? I always remind myself about this fact when I use my boar bristle brush. This is a tool made of all-natural components that are friendly to our strands and scalp. Today I prepared you a short guide to boar bristle brush. Soon you will learn all its advantages and disadvantages. I’m also going to tell you how to keep such gadget clean.

What is boar bristle brush?

To me, boar bristle brush is a marvelous tool that every hair maniac should find useful. Here comes the first fun fact – are you ready? You can use boar bristle brush to straighten your hair naturally! Yep, you got this right. Another strong suit of this gadget is that on one hand this brush is gentle for delicate and fine hair and on the other it is strong enough to deal with detangling even the most knotty hair. Quite a versatile tool, isn’t it?

Pluses and minuses of boar bristle brush

Let me list the best things about boar bristle brush that I managed to notice:

  • neither breaks nor pulls out hair
  • leaves hair soft
  • can be used to comb dry and wet hair
  • distributes sebum along hair shafts which makes hair lustrous
  • handles even the most knotty hair
  • prevents hair splitting

The only downside of boar bristle brush that I noticed is that it gets dirty pretty fast. Therefore, you have to devote some time to wash it, which has to be done thoroughly. While mentioning the cleaning…

How to clean boar bristle brush?

I think, I have to emphasize this issue again, boar bristle brush must be washed regularly because it’s ultra fast to collect dirt, sebum, parts of hair and other impurities. Also, I have to warn you against keeping the handle in water, actually you shouldn’t do this at all since this causes damage to this wonderful tool. Despite being pretty time-consuming, the cleaning process isn’t difficult at all. First, you have to use either a small comb or tweezers to get rid of the impurities. Once you do this, soak the brush with lukewarm water and then wash it either with shampoo or soap. At the end, you can spritz some disinfectant spray over the bristle if you happen to have it at home. Finally, let the boar bristle brush dry naturally, which means that you mustn’t use a blow dryer or radiators to speed up this process – you will ruin the bristle if you expose it to the source of heat.

How to recognize genuine boar bristle brush?

First, take a close look at the boar bristle brush that you’re holding in your hands. You should notice that the bristle ends are lighter than the rest of the bristle. Actually, there is yet another way to determine whether a boar bristle brush is genuine. Namely, pull out one piece of bristle and light it up. The aroma released will be really characteristic; I can compare it to a burnt human hair.

Do you have your own boar bristle brush? How often do you clean it?

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