Benefits of Shampoo Bars. Why I Love Them?

I love testing new beauty products so I was happy to try a shampoo bar.

If you’ve never heard of this innovative product, you need to catch up. Making “bar” products is getting popular and fits the zero waste lifestyle ideally. Do you want to be more eco-friendly? A shampoo bar is made for you!

Shampoo bar: 100% ecologically-friendly cosmetic

I guess eco-friendliness is the biggest benefit of a shampoo bar. The cosmetics makers underline this and they are right because the wellness of our planet lies in our hands.

Caring for the planet, we can choose a shampoo bar which isn’t packed in plastic packaging. The bar usually comes in paper, cardboard box or metal box, in other words, in recyclable material. Getting a shampoo bar, we don’t produce unnecessary waste. This is definitely eco-friendly.

To me, it’s somehow back to the past when most soaps and cosmetics were in the form of bars. Do you remember these days?

Benefits of shampoo bars. Why do I love them?

I’m not an eco-freak buying products only because they are eco-friendly. I appreciate shampoo makers caring for the environment but there are some other things that matter to me: effects, usefulness or even a nice smell.

> Shampoo bar is natural.

I haven’t come across a shampoo bar with some hair-damaging ingredients. Most of them are the blends of gentle cleansing agents, oils and plant extracts. Some of them are rich in moisturizing honey or intensively-cleansing charcoal. The choice is up to you. The formula is always natural and I love it.

> It is more practical.

Shampoo bar takes much less space than a standard bottle shampoo. It’s great news for minimalists and for those who, like me, travel a lot. The compact size of shampoo bars is priceless when the size and weight of your baggage matter.

> It lasts me long.

Even though a shampoo bar is small-sized, it lasts surprisingly long. I love it that one bar lasts me for a few months. I lather it between the hand palms, apply it on the hair and don’t worry about applying too much. This way we save money because we buy shampoo bars less often.

How to use a shampoo bar? Is it hard?

Even though shampoo bars are getting more and more popular, I still know people who don’t like the idea of ditching bottle shampoos. I encourage them but the only answer I get is “oh, using it is probably tricky”.

You must know, though, that using a shampoo bar is a child’s play!

You dampen the hands with water and rub the bar between the palms. Put the bar aside and get the lather on the scalp, washing as usual. Rinse and reuse if necessary (the procedure is the same of course). It is neither more difficult nor time-consuming. I even think washing hair with a shampoo bar is easier than using a standard shampoo because I’m not worried about the bottle slipping out of the hands, getting too much shampoo or opening the bottle with wet hands.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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