Acid Time Has Come! At-Home Skincare with Acid-Infused Cosmetics

Hi, girls!

Summer is coming to an end so it’s high time you took care of your facial skin. Try out acid-infused products that work for home use. Check the effects, application and types of acids. Read the post to learn all details. 

Cosmetics with Acids – What Are These?

The products contain hydroxylic acids that weaken intercellular junctions and exfoliate dead skin cells. There are three types of acids: AHA (lactic, mandelic, malic, citric, glycolic), BHA (salicylic, included e.g. in raspberries and willow bark) and PHA. The first group is suitable for dry skin; these acids clean skin pores, help treat acne and have anti-bacterial power. BHA acids do away with blackheads, have anti-inflammatory properties and make pimples soothe faster. PHA acids work gently, effectively moisturising, reinforcing lipid barrier, soothing irritations and reducing the visibility of spider veins.

Acid Benefits

Acid-enriched products are truly amazing. If you have any skin problems, trying them out is a must. Acids:

– repair skin and exfoliate epidermis more quickly;

– enhance the work of other cosmetics;

– boost production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid;

– purify skin pores and soothe inflammation;

– reduce sebum secretion and help treat acne;

– brighten pigmentation spots and smooth wrinkles.

How to Use Acid-Infused Cosmetics?

Start the treatment in autumn or early spring when your skin isn’t exposed to low temps or sunlight. Match products to your skin type for best effects. Use AHA acids twice a year for a month. You can use BHA acids without breaks. At first, apply products with low concentrations; increase the dose while the treatment goes on. Keep your eye on skin reactions. If it’s red or you feel as it burns, it means the acid starts working. No worries, the reaction of your skin is normal.

What are your favourite acid-infused cosmetics, girls? 

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